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Hi, I’m Dominique. I created this blog to chart my journey of healing and wellness. Throughout my life I have suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts. Contrary to  ignorant  popular belief, depressed people actually aren’t just sad, pitiful people who can’t cope with life. Oftentimes, these are people who have suffered through extremely traumatic situations and ‘just keep pushing’…at least it appears that way to other people. In some cases these folks are overachievers, well-adjusted, and are damn near superhuman. I am one of those cases. I have suffered through child abuse (both verbal and physical),  my mother’s abusive/alcoholic love interests, an absentee father, the death of my mother the day after I turned seventeen, a stillborn child, the subsequent weight gain (+30 lbs), and the stress of graduate school. Did I tell you that I am a fresh twenty-three years old? Basically, I’m trying to pull my life together before I completely break. My hope is that anyone that comes across my blog finds comfort in knowing they are not alone, recognize that they are worth so much more than what they may have been led to believe, and find the courage to give life another chance. With that being said, there will be many highs and lows thus the use of “journey” in my tagline because life isn’t always balanced, predictable, or fair. So why should this blog be?

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