4 Things I Will Do This Year

  1. Turn my townhouse into a home. My rent is going up when I sign my new lease and I am not happy about it but I promised myself that I would not move. I have never lived in a space longer than two years. I would like to change that. I bought two cute nightstands this weekend to remind myself that I will make this place home. Moving was a necessity for most of my life so I have no idea what permanence looks like despite the fact that I am in charge of my life. I will learn.
  2. Run my first 5K. I said I would run a 5K five years ago. It never happened but this year will be different. I found a race whose proceeds benefit people in need of grief counseling. Additionally, runners can have a picture of the person/people they are running for posted in the grief counseling office. So on Sunday, July 22 I will run for my mother and my daughter. Running is such a tough, yet mentally-clarifying sport that I cannot think of any better way to honor their lives than to push myself to live–for them.
  3. Continue working towards fluency in French. It’s been forever since I poured through my French grammar books, spent the entire day speaking French, and just immersed myself completely in the language. Fortunately, I still have solid oral comprehension skills. I just have to rebuild my written and oral production skills.
  4. Give Meetup a try. In case you are unaware, Meetup is an app that allows users to find local groups that mesh with their personal interests. I have lived in my current city for 2.5 years but due to graduate school, depression, and life in general, I have not been nearly as social as I normally would. I am ready to get out and meet people but every time a  Meetup reminder pops up on my phone, I chicken out.  I really need to get over the social anxiety and just go for it. Like yesterday. Fortunately there is a local French conversation group so I might be able to knock goal #3 and #4 out all at once!

I have a good feeling about this year. Hopefully things continue to “look up”.


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