5 things I am looking forward to this spring/summer

  1. Starting my first “real” job. I am super excited to officially enter the workforce. Sure, I have worked in retail and served as a teaching assistant for university-level courses (along with a variety of other campus positions) but this will be my first ‘adult’ job. In the past, I have expressed my disinterest in pursuing a career in academia so it certainly does not come as a surprise that I cannot wait to get out.  I will not miss the competitive nature of academia even in moments where competition makes absolutely no sense. I will not miss the verbally-abusive, self-absorbed, out-of-touch, and rapidly aging faculty members that hasten the department’s imminent death. I will not miss spending countless hours working on papers that are barely read before being graded and placed atop another stack of professionally irrelevant work. Most of all, I will not miss the low pay for quality services that teaching assistants provide. (Meanwhile faculty members make bogus amounts of coins for classes that really their TA has put together with less time and fewer resources.) But…I digress. I look forward to cultivating new skills and gaining practical work experience in the non-profit world because this sort of environment not only brings me joy but allows me to make meaningful connections with human beings again. Yes, this is the complete opposite of discussing my theoretical framework and research methodology for hours on end.
  2. Moving into a new place. For the past year and a half we have lived in a shabby, dimly-lit 2 bedroom apartment with a landlord who is friendly but clearly gives zero effs about the state of his property. Fortunately we have found a place that is a bit larger, has PLENTY of natural light, and only slightly more expensive. Additionally, there are not any bad memories associated with this place so it will be a nice fresh start for me, my husband, and our dog. We can bond over decorating and making our place a home. Best of all, I finally feel comfortable inviting my family to visit from out-of-state.
  3. Welcoming my sister and nephew. Speaking of family, my sib and her son are coming to visit us in June and I am more than excited. Although life has dealt us an interesting set of cards, our relationship has matured in ways that we could never have anticipated. It will be nice to add new energy into our home for a week and to take them on a tour around our humble, but not-so-bad city.
  4. Visiting the rest of my family in my hometown. Last summer I spent time with my grandfather, adopted grandmother, sister, and nephew. Everyone else I avoided like the plague because….well, my reasons. Anyways, this will be the first time that I am seeing friends and the rest of my family in two years so…[insert a dramatic drumroll] it is long overdue.
  5. Embracing all life has to offer. In the past year, I have really worked on shifting my perspective and becoming a better person in general. Don’t worry–I am still a skeptic. However, I have learned to let life happen and to enjoy every moment of my current reality. I look forward to what this next season has to offer. Cheers to spring and summer 2017!

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