The stages of letting “it” go…

And when it’s over…truly let it be over.

Do not linger on, waiting for the words that will never be said

Do not linger on, aching for the wounds that might never be healed

You will analyze and at times justify their mistakes

but they are theirs and theirs alone.

It has no bearing on your worthiness.

It has no bearing on your purpose.

Your actions will never change the core of their being.

You may be the most dedicated, empathetic creature

on this Earth

and if they do not respect and appreciate you,

it will amount to nothing.

You will grow to hate yourself for allowing them

to take advantage of your patience,

of your strength,

of your generosity.

And one day you will have enough.

You will hastily grab everything in sight

and throw it in your bag.

Rushing out the door,

determined to no longer beg for love.

But once you reach your destination

and carefully begin to unpack,

you will see bits and pieces from your former life.

And you will cling to them,

because it is all you know.

How can you give that up?

You tell yourself you will throw it away as soon as…

but “as soon as” never arrives.

You stare at these items from time to time,

remembering its place of origin,

remembering the promises said upon receiving them,

remembering the feeling of hope.

And it will be these memories

that you fear losing.

You will hold on as tightly as you can,

even as they slip through your fingertips,

wishing to be set free.

And when this happens,

do not linger on.

Just let it be.



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