yes, I’m officially homesick…

It has been about a month since I last posted because I am interning for an organization that deals with food policy. Simultaneously, I am working on my thesis research. Oh, I guess I should have mentioned that I have reversed my decision to dropout. I will explain in a later post.

Unfortunately, I had a bit of an issue with housing in the city where I was interning and ended up paying a visit to the place that I have been trying to avoid–my hometown. So here I am, twenty-three years old, staying in my seventy-two year old grandfather’s apartment whose longtime girlfriend lives above him. Yes, you really did just read that. They live separately…in a duplex. Makes absolutely no sense.

Anyways, my hometown is conveniently located an hour and forty-five minutes from my internship’s office so it worked out it my favor. But now to the real reason for this post. Being home has been nice for several reasons including meeting my nephew. However, I’m ready for this to be over. I am so mentally and emotionally drained, that I cannot even begin to express it in written word.

Little did I know that my alcoholic, heavily-medicated, bipolar, Operation Desert Storm veteran uncle and his life partner would pay a visit (he drove 15 hours from Oklahoma!). Nor did I know that I would have to troubleshoot ways to get my grandfather out of the debt that he has been trying to hide from me and my oldest sister. Mind you, his aforementioned son paid a visit this weekend but as you can see, he is in no position to offer help and my mother is deceased which leaves me and my oldest sister (our middle sister is also a hot mess, eek!). But wait–there’s more! My oldest sister is not in the position to help as much as she would like because she just had a baby and is now a single parent trying to get back on her feet which leaves…me–the youngest and arguably the most financially vulnerable (okay, maybe not?) to bear the weight of his stubborn ways. These “ways” include living in a dusty, cluttered home which I clean daily while muttering obscenities. Fun fact: Yesterday I disposed of a Ziploc bag containing rotten meat which was haphazardly positioned between his block of cutlery and the wall on his kitchen counter.

As you might imagine, I haven’t had a lot of time to just work on my remote internship assignments or research. I’m sure you, dear reader, will understand how incredibly exhausting this all is. Especially for someone who struggles everyday with anxiety and a host of autoimmune disorders. So what can I do in the meantime? Well, I am trying to figure out how to approach my grandfather with a proper game-plan to help him rise from the ashes of impending financial ruin.

But you know what? I have a deeper appreciation for my humble apartment, my guy, and our huge, yet lovable adopted puppy. They really do bring me so much joy. I cannot wait to see them (and New York State) again!

Until next time,




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