Favorite Meals of March

Excuse the poor lighting, it seems to make all of my food look yellowish/brown when it’s really not. My apartment is really crappy. I’m sure it’s evident in the photo with the 70’s style stove. Ah, the life of a grad student but I’m thankful that I have a place to live!


This salad contains tons of kale, quinoa, carrots, tofu, red onions homemade almond honey mustard dressing. Yummy, easily-prepared, light, and healthy.



20160311_213140Notice how bright the photo is? This clearly was taken outside of my home. In fact, this is the pizza that my partner and I ordered in Toronto. It has plenty of kale (can you tell I’m a kale-o-holic?), tomatoes, aioli, and pine nuts served on the yummiest thin crust.



Stuffed bell peppers with vegan veggie crumbles, black beans, quinoa, jalepeno, and spices. I served it with avocado after I baked them.


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