Midweek Motivation: Owning Your Present Life and Moving Forward

I accept who I am today. I know that the process of becoming me didn’t happen overnight. Therefore the transition into an improved version of myself will take time. Time that no calendar can accurately track. It must come from within.

I may not have the words to express my pain, to describe my hurt, to illustrate my grief but in time I will find the courage to move forward while holding fast to the memories that I have of my mother and daughter.

May my imperfections save me from a life of boredom. May my blunt delivery save me from bottled up emotions. May my impatience pave a road filled with so much joy and beauty that I can’t help but stop and enjoy myself for once.

I will never be the me I was before. She’s gone. Yet, I’m still here…waiting…now walking towards my next adventure.

Spiritual Awakening




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