Midweek Motivation: Good Things Happen Everyday, You Just Forget To Acknowledge It

If you’re not careful, your whole life could be, “I’ll be happy when…”-author, Rachel Wolchin

Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary defines the word ‘journey’ as “something suggesting travel or passage from one place to another.” Defined in this way, a journey can be both long and short. So what does this mean in the context of self-love and self-improvement?

Personally, I think that it can sometimes lead us to think about the end goal while speeding our brains up to that moment of ultimate victory. You know:

The moment that you can finally fit into the pair of jeans that you haven’t been able to get pass your thighs in a year. The moment your mind is no longer clouded with anxiety. The moment you are emotionally strong enough to reveal your feelings to the people that hurt you…

Don’t get me wrong–I find fantasizing about triumphant moments a useful tool–especially when I’m pushing through a particularly rough set of exercises. Sometimes it even motivates me to get out of my bed when my mind is spinning a thousand miles per hour and I can’t make it STOP.

However, I realized that I have become so fixated on the “after” that I’m not really allowing myself to enjoy all of those little “before” moments. So I’ll type this quote again in hopes that if you are like me, you learn to appreciate all  of the highs and lows of your current life.

If you’re not careful, your whole life could be, “I’ll be happy when…”-author, Rachel Wolchin

Don’t look back and regret wasted opportunities to connect with everything and everyone around you. Remember: good things happen everyday, it’s up to you to acknowledge it.



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