Fitness Update: Progressin’ into March (measurements included)

On February 15 I hopped on the scale, took pictures, and measured all of my fat. Sounds like fun, eh? Yeah, I didn’t think so either but I do have wonderful news. Within just two weeks I have made progress that I am extremely proud of so I thought that I would share in hopes of motivating others who don’t feel like they can accomplish anything in two weeks. See note below for information on measurements.

February  15/22/29 Measurements

  • Weight 184.6 lbs
  • Height 5’6
  • Neck 14 in.–>14 in.–>14 in.–>14 in.
  • Upper Arm (right) 12.5 in.–>10.5 in.–>10 in.
  • Upper Arm (left)  N/A–>10.75 in.–>10.5 in.
  • Wrist N/A–>6.5 in.–>6.5 in.–>6.5 in.
  • Chest  43 in.–>40 in.–>40 in.
  • Waist 34 in.–>32 in.–>31 in.
  • Hips 41 in.–>39 in.–>38 in.
  • Thigh (right) N/A–>25.5 in.–>23 in.
  • Thigh (left) 27 in–>24.5 in.–>22 in.
  • Calf (right) N/A–>14.75 in.–>14 in.
  • Calf (left) 14.5 in.–>14.5 in.–>14.125 in.
  • Butt 46 in.–> 43.5 in.–>43.5 in.

Important Note: I will only “weigh in” once a month. I decided to add wrist into the equation. I’m not sure if I’ll keep it. I was just wondering if anything would change. Also, I added in both arms, thighs, and calves in the second week as I realized that they were both different. February 15 was taken after I ate dinner (I know, not the best time). February 22 and 29 were both taken first thing in the morning before I ate breakfast.

weight loss

How do I feel? In the first two weeks I have lost three inches off of my waist, hips, and 5 inches off of my thigh (at least the one that I measured consistantly, ha!). I feel great about the work and effort that I have put in.

What did I do? It helps that I am conscientious of the way that my moods affect my eating habits. When I have been particularly down about life, I’ve gone to the gym and pushed through tears (tears from emotion, not the workout). It certainly is better than baking like crazy and scarfing down cookies. I have been a vegetarian since I was 12 years old and I have a pretty healthy diet. Thus the reason why my recent over-consumption of sugary foods during a depressive state caused me to gain an extreme amount of weight over the course of several months. The funny thing is, I was so overly critical about my physical appearance before all of this. Now I value every bit of energy and strength that I have. I am so grateful for another day to make my bad habits right again.

Stay tuned for next week when I weigh in as well as take my second round of photos and fourth set of measurements! I plan on posting photos in April when you all can really see the hard work/progress.


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