“If you ain’t got no money take your broke a** home!”

Sometimes I feel like graduate school (especially in the humanities) is only for the rich or at least family-supported. Although I have a family whom I love dearly, they are not and have never been in the position to financially support my education.* So I’ve done the whole school bit all by my lonesome.

Supporting myself can feel really empowering but most days I envy my mid-twenties/pushin’-thirty cohort members who still have “mommy-daddy money” to back their dreams. I guess this is why I am the only one searching desperately for hard-to-find summer research funding. It feels like all the fellowships are so ridiculously specific that I have absolutely no chance of receiving an award. The bulk of African-American Studies fellowships are only for pre- and post-doctoral students or some super-technical occupation/century. I mean seriously…an AAS fellowship that only works for people studying things in 17th/18th/19th century?! And they have the nerve to talk about people with great financial need. Well here’s the thing: most of us that have great financial need cannot afford to spend our days thinking about past centuries when we’re struggling to make it in THIS century.** Geez.

So for the eighty-millionth time I will continue scraping by and searching for fellowships/scholarships that actually have something (even if only tangentially) to do with my research. Wish me luck!

Then again, the wise Fergie once said,


Maybe I should take a hint.


*Well…my dad could have helped but that would be too much like being a father but that’s a story for another day.

**With that being said I’m totally not hating on any of you scholars who study those centuries.


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